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Noun. a statement of beliefs or aims that guide one's actions

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A Program Designed for
Busy Executives

Discover efficient, straightforward steps to

get your finances aligned.

When to sell, what to avoid,
how to mitigate tax.

Essential advice for executives with corporate benefits.

How do you get an accurate picture of your financial wellbeing?

It often happens that as a corporate executive, when you do find time to address your finances, it’s a challenge to piece it all together into an accurate picture of where you stand – especially without a clear strategy for managing your corporate benefits.

Our purpose is not only to make sense of your benefits in light of your overall goals, but to consolidate all your financial strategies and considerations into one clear platform. That’s how we provide clarity, save time, and empower decision-making.

Equity compensation is just one aspect of your financial picture, but it can be a powerful driver of your overall financial well-being. That’s why we start by demystifying your corporate benefits package and understanding its function in the context of your broad financial goals.

Courtney Jones CFP®
Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

Some of the reasons corporate executives choose to work with us:

An infographic depicting the reasons you should work with Credo Wealth Management.

Our Credo: The Beliefs that Guide Our Actions

We believe in liquidity, transparency and reasonable costs.
We believe in keeping your private information safe and secure.
We believe that failing to plan is planning to fail.
We believe in direct communication and common-sense advice.

Have a specific question about your company’s benefits or retirement program?

We’ve worked with many of the largest corporations in the Bay Area. We know the ins and outs of their programs and we’re happy to give you an objective opinion.

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